Taco Libre…Street Tacos….and Rum!!

When I imagined my summer, I imagined lounging around by the pool and having wads of free time with which to do whatever I wanted.  I have made the point to lounge by the pool at least a few minutes each day, but as far as wads of free time?  Pretty much non-existent.  Still, I am enjoying not having a schedule set in stone.  Probably the most enjoyable part is getting up each day and enjoying my coffee without obligations hanging over me.  I am managing to get things accomplished and having a little fun along the way.

This weekend Alli played in the All-Star Tournament with our local softball league.  The fact that she has barely practiced or played (due to volleyball obligations) and still manages to make key plays and contribute good things to the team speaks to what a great athlete she truly is.  I enjoyed watching her success on the diamond.  As a third base player, she was able to tag several out, she threw players out at home a couple of times and even caught a couple of pop flies!  Her batting was decent, and she managed to get on base most at-bats.  The team ended up getting 2nd place, which would have earned a bid to the State Tournament had we been able to field a full roster.  However, we were playing with a 10-man roster and the rules state a full roster of 12 is required to advance.  Honestly, I’m glad because I don’t want to travel for another sport right now!  LOL!!

I rushed from the Saturday morning softball game to meet my friend Erica (@anotherhalfpls) to head to the Taco Libre Festival in Downtown Dallas.  Another friend, Dara (@daralem) was meeting us at the venue.  Erica noticed almost immediately that we were shoe twinkies!! TOMS twinkies

Apparently I am famous for my love of street tacos, because when this festival was announced in the Dallas Morning News, I was tagged on Facebook by MULTIPLE people.  I appreciate all of them trying to keep me informed, as this festival did not disappoint.  The tacos were delicious!!  And YES, I ate MEAT!  But just as important…..I had RUM!!  And I’m still trying to figure out the secret ingredients in this sweet elixir!RUM

The turnout was more than event organizers had expected, as they were nearing capacity when we finally arrived around 3 PM.  The lines were long for tacos and drinks, but divide and conquer was the Order of the Day.  We strategically sent one person for drink refills while another would get the next round of tacos and yet another would save our spot in the shade.  Teamwork really does make the dream work! pineapple pork tacos

Note to self:  drinking too much rum can inhibit your ability to remember to take pics of your food!  This is just one of the delicious tacos I consumed.  The live music was good – my favorite band was Pinata Protest, a Mariachi/Heavy Metal band from the San Antonio area.  In addition to live music, there was also the show of Lucha wrestling….and it was as corny and terrible as you would expect.  However, now I’m compelled to watch the TV show on Spike!

Not a clue what the referee did/was supposed to do.  I think they were required to have someone in a striped shirt in the ring!
Not a clue what the referee did/was supposed to do. I think they were merely required to have someone in a striped shirt in the ring!

When we had our fill of Rum (Vodka, in Erica’s case), tacos and wrestling, we made our way to Dara’s car.  Erica brought along her brother’s selfie stick and had TOO MUCH FUN with it.  I never thought I would say I had my pic taken with a selfie stick.  A good reminder to never say never.  erica

selfie stick


Ok….I’ll admit it was more fun than I had expected.

Dara was the ultimate trooper, since as she was shuttling Erica and I back to our cars and never complained when we would yell out for her to exit RIGHT NOW!  We made a couple of important stops.  First, we stopped at Trailercakes, because no outing is complete without cupcake goodness.  Our last stop was Total Wine, where I had to exercise self-control I didn’t even know I had.  Otherwise, Dara’s car could never have carried all the yumminess I wanted to buy!trailercakes

Until next time,

Happy Hump Day!!! (and Happy Canada Day for all my Canadian friends!)



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